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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Modern....Course I am....!

Now - look.... I may be an old fogey, as the lined-up queue of young ladies in front of my main door witness, but.....I inform myself - in particular on what those young things are getting up to!
I mean - they know the basics, I know the "advanced" techniques.....!
Normal - I'm a Marquis!
Doesn't stop me from finding out - from a band of cronies........
(With many thanks to the young - and old in Brittany - and to "Urban Dictionary" who allow us to participate, if we want to, in their mystifying world)
Won't stop me from being critical of their lack of expression in normal language - I'm afraid, but thanks all the same, at least I can start trying to understand what they're on about.....!
Besides, (and I'll let you into a secret) as an old man, you can "allow - permit" yourself certain things, for which you would normally end up in gaol/jail!
"WTF"......"LMAO".... "LOL"..... "ANDALLTHEOTHERS...."
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1. internet slang 47 up, 14 down

A form of new language that peopla have found neccesary to create to confuse the "older" generation. This new language has given a rise to ALOT of the words that can be found at .
FOX NEWS: "Interner slang in dominating the new world...the republican world!!"
by Ritz Feb 27, 2005 share this
2. internet slang 22 up, 17 down

Internet slang is commonly used in website s that have online communitys such as forum boards or community irc lines. Such words often containe 3 letter, (a common patern noticed)
yo dwag u gotta see that desinger! hes like 1337 d00d, but that other d00d is a n00b, well i g2g mate...

rofl, thats so funny lmao!
by Chirs Stage Feb 14, 2005 share this

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