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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hard work, hard work - but useful...1(part 2 later with tips)

When my TV with "all mod cons" went on the blink the other day, I wasn't too happy. After all it was only 18 months old, and at the price, I certainly felt it should last longer than that, after all, I've still got a working old-style TV - 28 years of age!
So.....after a couple of days thinking about, I finally called "Samsung" - 
Not knowing just how long the guarantee ran for, and too lazy to search in a mountain of documents, I listened patiently to the friendly gentleman - followed all his instruction, thinking all the while - "It's only because he knows I'm a client for repair - payable! That's why he's being nice!"
After 30 minutes of fruitless actions, he finally said - "OK, Mr Mitchell, I'll arrange for a visit at your home".
Oh jeez, thought I, that's going to cost! He didn't mention prices or I thought - well maybe he'll.....   forget!
A week later, my phone rang - a company from a place called St. Aunes, close to where I live. Could their man come around on Tuesday...?
Of course he can - does he eat and drink normal things......?
Anyway - to cut a long story short, the young man arrived - on time (a very rare occurrence) - was friendly (also very rare) and in 3minutes and a few seconds had the back off this large TV, found the problem, repaired it and then.......
asked me to sign his bit of paper...!
Aha....thought I - now for the moment of truth!
"What am I signing away here," I asked, " My life...?"
"Non, non," came the reply, "Just to say that I came  and that I repaired your TV!"
Internally I thought - this guy's good, doesn't mention prices.....!
Then....... he left!
Yup - the thing was on a 2 year guarantee - I could have saved myself a bad half an hour or so by looking in the manual!
Let's just hope it never breaks down again......!
Now this gave me another little problem ...... I now needed to figure out one of my USB keys/memory sticks, because this TV can be used for photos/images and music, directly from a USB memory.
No need for the PC to be turned on - quick and easy.
Great, but the biggest hassle is that the files have to be in "MP3" format - or they won't work!
It's not really a problem, because "transposers" are available free of charge on the Internet, to change the format from the normally used "WAV or WMA" format to the MP3. The procedure per file isn't so long, but my problem is/was that I had around 5,498 files that needed doing.......!
If you're interested in knowing how to do it, so you can put your music onto your walkman, "i-pad", "i-phone" and so on, or do it for your friends or family - I'll be doing an article in the next couple of days, right here on this blogspot.....have a look in! If you already know how to do it - don't bother, just come to check that I've suggested the RIGHT things...!

So you're ready, try downloading and installing the following things:

1.  NCH Software Suite - It's a toolbar with everything you need and the basic version is FREE.
2. "Switch Sound File Convertor" - absolutely necessary - FREE of charge in basic version, usable for transposing many different format sources. You'll need one sometime or other!
I use, successfully, this FREE one which is easy and simple to use.
(Both these things can be "Google searched" - do "Switch Convertor" first because they ask you if you want to download the other one as well, which saves time and trouble.
When you're ready, come back to this Weblog Site, and hope that I've done the article!

THIS IS NOT THE ACTUAL APPLIANCE - IT'S A PHOTO (so don't try using it....!)

(Of course, this photo is of the "Switch Plus" app., which has to be bought, but the Free basic version looks similar and is all you need to do the job!)

iwmpop (mrlemarquis)          -            Vauvert,France        -          10 Octobre 2010

(Incidentally - did you note today's date? It's "10-10-10"....!)

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