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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Me - my shadow - my November!

I don't remember what year this was: but it doesn't matter, Novembers always seem to be the same....!

iwmpop(mr le marquis)             -         Vauvert, France                  - Fin Octobre 2010


Me - my shadow - my November!

Well - my favourite month of the year (the dead month, as I call it) November got off to an early start, in October, actually!
All was fine, smooth, all running splendidly, when suddenly, no access to the Internet! Large "sorting-out" required, thinks little me, (little did I know!) and started to look for the problem.
  After some long days, nights I was left with no alternative but to re-install the system-AGAIN!
This time the problem was that I was on the 2nd PC, and this damned thing often refuses to install
anything, or if it does install it, then it installs it 3 or 4 times on the same page, making it unusable! Exactly this happened, it was November, after all!
Change over to other PC, with all the cables, all the old problems, still no connexion to the net, and finally I called the server, which I had wanted to avoid, since this uses a very expensive "hot line" and they chatter on, at 3,000 words the minute, in French, and using "technical PC Jargon" which no normal FRENCH person can understand, so poor little old me...............
I quickly found out that I could have spared my efforts over 10 days, because the problem came from them- they had had a breakdown!!
Now this would normally have calmed me down, but in between time, not only had I lost the programme system on PC Nr 2, which still refused to install correctly, but I had no idea what I may have changed, thinking that the connexion problem came from me!
Just to round things off, I had my first experience with "phishing" which took me days to understand a bit about, and more days to try to fix, only to find out (again) that I had n
o need to do anything at all!
My PC mouse started playing up, and on opening it, I found a bit of plastic flying around inside. Not normal, thought I, and changed to the wireless mouse kindly donated by my friend from Holland, "Wacky-Backy".
This worked OK, but had no right click, which meant I had to learn how to do various things with only the left click!
On Monday, I'm getting a brand NEW mouse - I'll just have to hide it from the cat!

A cat and mouse game,I suppose  !!
Anyway - November continued, and with some amusing things, many infuriating things,
and we're only the 4th November!
Certain things mounted the pressure, until finally I burst down with laughter, it was either that or going barmy!
When I realised that I had forgotten my wok meal, slowly cooking, due to PC concentration, and found out that had slightly attached itself to the wok pan. Realising that only prompt action could save my chicken and stir-fried vegetables in curry, I grabbed the first glass available, to put some water in, and threw it into the wok pan, to try and save something, if only the pan itself! I forgot, of course, that this glass, sitting innocently in the sink, had been prepared in advance with washing up liquid, ready for washing!
Anybody fancy a helping of soapy stir-fried curry chicken and veg? It's a bit sudsy and foamy, and I haven't tried it, but if you like that kind of thing, I'll save you all a portion!
I don't know where I dig up my good-humour, with all this going on, because on top of it all, I had to try and work with my head full of a cold (I had been vaccinated against Influenza, and this often starts a smaller ailment - a common cold! Great thing, modern medicine!)
Anyway, I've got stuff to do now. Carry on trying to get the 2nd PC to install itself correctly, otherwise the little extras like special boxes, cables and God knows what else will be redundant, without ever having been used!
You know what - I love November, just don't say hello to anyone in the street, don't phone anyone (you're likely to get your head bitten off)! Wait until November is almost finished, and then everybody will be wandering around wishing you a Happy Festive Season!

 My God - I don't need that in December, I need it in NOVEMBER!!!

I may just end up doing what I threaten to do on a permanent basis:

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