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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Everybody knows it, have known it, for over two centuries..The French are revolting, and they're at it again!
In spite of the fact that the French are high, if indeed not top, of the list for "young" Pension age (at the moment 60, but going up to 62) they are still not happy.
An extra 2 years, from 60 to 62, still much younger than elsewhere in Europe is being violently attacked by Unionists, Socialists (who lost the last Elections, but would probably have done the same thing if they had won) and now Students - who haven't even started work!
"Special" rules have been permitted for people in extreme cases, particularly hard physical work, or long hour work. 

Mother's continue to have special rules governing their "years of childbirth and newly born support". ..but it doesn't help - they're revolting!
Since the inclusion, at the suggestion and advice of the Socialists, of the Student population, violence has also entered the scene. According to the Students - the hostility of the Police towards them, according to the police the violence of the Students towards them and other peoples property.
I have no religious or political beliefs, I'm already a Pensioner, and I agree that Pensions are barely "livable" on, but at least I worked to get my Pensions - hard!
These Students are young, they have time to back up their State Pensions with private supplementary Insurances and Assurances. I haven't!
Even worse is the position of those who are, at this very moment, around the 45 - 55 year old point.
They can't get work, not because it's not there, but because the Employers prefer youth (cheap) to experience ( more expensive)!
They are drained of dignity  and thrown out, excluded...!

That is what they should be revolting about, the right to work, at all ages!
Yet, the Students claim that employing "older" people will cut the number of jobs available to them. Maybe, but it will assure that they know what they are doing in their jobs, a sorely needed requirement, because the youth will be able to pick up the experience of the "old" - on the job - and not in the joblines!
The youth still have various areas almost uniquely held for them, notably the Military areas, but that means discipline, that means hard work, that means helping others, that could also be dangerous... All things which most of the youth have little interest in.
I hear and read (or try to, because their French is so bad) French youth, around the 18 to 20 years group, sounding off, at length, on things like Facebook and other "social" networks about the "deplorable" situation - from the comfort of their polstered Managing Director's chairs, in front of their computers, between pinching music and looking at porno Sites!
Strangely, at 20 years of age, I had been working for around 5 years, and at 20 had charge of the "destiny" of a Company of soldiers.....There weren't any computers, and the comfortable seats were in Landrovers or 4 ton trucks...! Yes - we complained, but not about the same things as they complain about today, and PENSIONS - good grief, We had an active life  to lead before then!
It seems that we should change everything around for the comfort of youth now - one should join the military, for example, as a Field-Marshall and "work down" to a Private or take off as Chief Brain Surgeon and work down to Nurse....!
Knowing youth as I do, I have the feeling that most of them would opt for Pensions as the Chief, and not wait to become an Indian...!
I suppose that would create jobs - but for who - more Chiefs, or more Indians....?


 iwmpop(mr le marquis)             -        Vauvert,France                 -    Octobre 2010

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