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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Your Bank says.......

So, yesterday some poor fall guy took the full blame for Banks, Bank Manager's errors and faults. Off to Prison with him...just for 3 years, followed by 170,000 years of repayments....!  but leave the Bosses alone....!
Now - I have two problems with this French court case and decision, but first....
Without doubt, the guy simply did something wrong. Whether it was criminal or not is something else. No controls by the "upper echelones" he got carried away and invested money like Monopoly money.
Of course - the money wasn't his, but if he had gained a fortune, would we have heard about it? If he had made a fortune for his Bosses, would we have heard about it?
Did he, after making his losses, manage somehow to put a few millions on the side? That WOULD be criminal, but I doubt whether he did, relying on making a fortune, and being paid a fortune in "windfalls", or "bonuses", he probably put nothing on the side.
Even if he did, it would be very difficult for him to use it now, or later when he leaves prison.    Everybody will be watching his lifestyle!
So 1st problem - This money disappeared, was lost, went up in a puff of smoke....WHERE TO?
That it went somewhere is without dispute - "someone's loss is someone else's gain"
Even if they did nothing illegal, let us know just for peace of mind - just to be sure that it wasn't the very Bosses of this poor guy...who gained!
My second problem are the Advertising Campaigns that Banks run for (generally) their own Insurance or Assurance companies.
You know - "Be reassured, get Insured"  and stuff like that!
They spend a lot of time, the Banks do - insisting that we insure ourselves- preferably with THEIR Insurance/Assurance deals!
 Just try getting a loan from a Bank either without any Assurance/Insurance of the same, or try just applying your own Life Insurance which probably covers the amount borrowed by 100 times, and at a quarter of the price of the Bank's proposal as the Insurance coverage for said loan!
Strangely - the Banks won't accept!
Wonder why.....
Other little problems I may have with this judgement I'd better keep for myself, but they do have to do with my thoughts about the frailty of the French Justice System (or any other for that matter) and the impartiality of Justice systems, the employees thereof, and Banks/Insurance/Assurance and the fat cats - Managers thereof......
But then .....I've probably got it all wrong, I probably "don't know nuffink".
The people mentioned above are probably the most honest, law abiding people in the World, attending Church every Sunday and supporting a multitude of "Charities"........ Yes -probably.......!
iwmpop(mrlemarquis)           -        Vauvert, France           -     Octobre 2010

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