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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's just what I think...The eternal Facebook...

     It's not just since the arrival of PC's, Macs and all the rest that one hears the words "dreams are my reality"..!
If my memory doesn't fail me, which is always possible, then - many years ago exactly those words were used in popular music, music which bombed its way to the top of world charts, making those "dreams" - reality, for some people!
Since somewhere around the beginning of time, dreams have been a part of our make up...all types of dreams, from being the "Lord of the World" to simply - being happy!
Dreams have always had a double edged sword effect, the realists and the dreamers.
Mocked, called "escape from reality" - " just dreamers" - "he/she/they are just living in a world of dreams" - scandalised, not to be taken serious and all the other scathing comments that dreamers have or had  to suffer, since time began.
Yet - on the other hand, phsychologists and "soul-doctors" who insist that dreams are a fundamental, basic part of our make-up, important for the soul and the person to be equilibrated, in perfect balance for the general welfare of the individual.
Famous names, famous events - famous theories - and yet threading its way through history, dreams and imagination have always been accompanied by all those scorners, mockers not being of a religious bias, I don't like citing your "Good Book" ( which I don't think is always as "good" as it maybe should be) but I do vaguely recall the "mockers and

 doubters"............... one of the stories....
No question for them of whether the world is a better place because of dreamers like Galileo, Michelangelo, Proust, Freud and all the others.
"Just dreamers" - dreamers who formed this world, dreamers who turned "virtuelle" into reele, realities that had once been dreams....
All that well before something called "Facebook" or PC's turned up in our life.
Learned experts have always insisted that the need to dream is's the way our minds can "work" events of the day and prepare for a tomorrow.
And yet....the scorners, the mockers, the realists simply ignore all that and demand that one sees things in the "harsh and grey light of day".
It used to be called "imagination" - artists, writers, painters - every one - was encouraged to have it....except by those eternal scorners, doubters...!
How many times in my childhood and later, have I heard "You've got a vivid imagination" or "come back to the real world".....!
Well, with recent events, I feel that I HAVE come back into a real world, through the use of "surreal" things......!    And the scorners, doubters, mockers are still out there...! That's where they'll stay, for me - OUT there.
If I've made a mistake, if I've made an error, well - that's my problem, not theirs, but the famous "told you so" will never be far from their minds!
With the arrival of many things, amongst them "Facebook" - things have changed.
My personal thought is that to live in a permanent world of only theory or "virtuelle" is

not possible.......... 
There has to be a mixture, for each and every one of us - made up differently, of theory, virtuelle and "reele", with room for actual situations.
The thoughts, statements and acts of others should be of no concern to the dreamers, and it's interesting to note that even those scorners, mockers - have their own little world of "irreality" - they just force it back, try to expell it from their heads - and they suffer!
Certainly the danger of "over virtualisation" exists.
Nowadays, children play at "virtuelle" games..... where they save the world, or not, by robbing, oppressing, killing, murdering millions of others for their own ends... So long as the child, or the adult for that matter, is able to retain the fact that reality is something else, there can be little damage caused.
True - there are more and more examples of "isolation" in a virtuelle world and there are reasons and grounds to examine, carefully, all forms of virtuelle pass-times, just as there are reasons and grounds to regularly examine one's own "actuelle" pass-times and state of life. There will always be isolation - I know, I've been there and I can tell you all about it. I'm still relatively reserved about many things, but when I see something that I beleive CAN work - then I'm there, with all the force and effort I can muster........
Everyone makes mistakes, I do - you do - everybody does,.... but I beleive that the person with a good mixture of a healthy portion of common sense, knowledge of the human nature, a dose of "dreams" and a heavier portion of reality is better prepared for just that - facing reality....!......
If you do nothing - you probably shouldn't make mistakes, but you probably will - even then!
Yes, I am aware that there are possibly more scorners, mockers and doubters out there than dreamers...It's human nature...people who only live to be able to say "I told you so" or "It was obvious it couldn't work".........and all their other sage and wise utterings of total gibberish.
Well - it's my intention to do my maximum to turn my "virtuelle", mixed with "reele" into  
into - "actuelle", and spit in the face of those mockers and doubters....!
The danger that I must be aware of and be prepared for is that I may risk to "over-react" - but being aware and prepared is already more than half of the problem solved....
Come and join'll probably feel a lot better - like me!

iwmpop (mr le marquis)              -            Vauvert, France        -       Novembre 2010

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