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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vauvert, France - ...

Vauvert, France - ...

Vauvert, France                            le 11 Novembre 2010
                  iwmpop(mr le marquis)

Changes happen in life, some good, some bad, some indifferent.
Some you want to keep for yourself, some you're not worried what happens, some you want to shout out from rooftops.

In any case, if it involves others, those who may well think you've lost some of your "marbles" and some who are concerned for anyone else involved, it's always good to try to reassure that "you've got all your marbles" - that you're serious, reliable to a maximum, that you do what you say you're going to...just reassure...!

That's what this is for - to reassure, usable in a court of law....well, I don't know, but honest and meant, sincerely!
Reassurance for family members, for nieces, maybe even great-nieces, for friends - even for enemy's just so they can't continue their -  "I knew it - I told you so" - kick!
If anything goes wrong, all I can do is reassure that it won't be from lack of trying on my, or our, part, and I have no reason to think that anything will go wrong, but it's a bumpy place the road to being happy!
So - just for you "peoples" out there who are concerned, here's a little piece I did for a good "ex-pat's" Website called "The Languedoc Page" (here's the link: There are many pages including forums and blog reviews. 
I've often wondered if the eminent Blog Reviewer, Mr Keith Eckstein and Peter from Languedoc Page know each other, and - if not - should maybe correct the error (they're both on Facebook).
Here is a little description done by me and published by Peter some years back. Okay, there may have been some slight changes since, but basically this is still Vauvert, the place that Sister, Aunt, Great-Aunt, Friend will (hopefully) be passing the rest of her time.

My Languedoc village

Vauvert (30600)



Vauvert, canton town of some 20,000 inhabitants in total, sometimes referred to as the "door to the Camargue" lies between Nimes and Montpellier, and is on the main rout linking Montpellier to Marseilles, passing through St. Gilles, Arles and various other well known towns. Van Gogh and wild horse country,the area is largely fruit and vegetable producing articles such as:


Asparagus,salads,tomatoes,vines,peaches,nectarines,apricots, cherries, melons etc, and all sorts of other things such as cheeses, "wild" (although cultivated really now) rice from the Camargue, and its wines - the well known "Costieres" - are very agreeable, and with the Tourists and even the locals in summer, a bottle of very cold "Rose des Sables" - pale in colour, delicious in taste is high on the  priority list.

Vauvert postcard


Eels and sander are fished in the "etangs" surrounding the village.

The town is some 20 kilometres from the beaches of the Grau-du-Roi, Les Saintes Maries-de-la-mer,and the well known fortress town of Aigues Mortes (salt producing) which is well worth a visit.

The area is considerably cheaper than its Herault neighbour, and because of this, many foreign tourists are now investing in property purchase, but the original spirit of the town still exists.

Within the canton there is a nautical stopping point (Gallicien) and two camping sites (at least) exist.

The main pastimes are Tauromachie (all things relating to bulls) - all village festivities starting and ending with bulls in the streets, and often in the Cafes... etc.

The arenas have been recently rebuilt, and not only used for the traditional bull events-generally for the razateur events and more rarely for Corridas- but also for high ranking concerts of all types.

Recently an annual "Corrida" was introduced, in the month of June, normally.

The town itself is being "redone" as a pedestrian friendly place, and the Market days are Wednesday and Saturday.

"Le diableries de Vauvert" is an ancient custom, held in the streets at the end of May, the village fete is mid August, and the International Festival "fil de Vauvert"- a sort of celebration of fashion, seamstress work and shows - is held annually around May-June time.

The local Tourist Office has a large selection of pamphlets and can arrange visits/accomodation.

The village of Vergeze (home of Perrier mineral water) is only 3km's away, and can be visited.

"Boules Lyonnaise" are played, the centre of the town is exceptionally "French" with the Place Gambetta, fountain, Eglise, Cafes etc. - The typical tourist idea of all things French, down to the smell of garlic and French tobacco mingling with coffee odours drifting out.....

It is not unusual to see ladies in their Camarguaise dresses in the streets.



Yearly there are various Markets "terroir", fleamarkets, Camarguaises/Provencales etc.

The supermarkets Champion (now "Carrefour Market"), Lidl, Ecomarche are installed, and there are plans for further commercial centres.

Unfortunately, like most French provincial towns, the centre is running down. 

More and more small shops are closing, destroying the character of the village, but everything can still be found in the "epi-centre", where I live.

My appartment is definately "small" for American eyes, but it isn't only comfortable, it's "cosy" and intimate. This is where Madame La Marquise will be installing herself, soon - I hope!

(above - Salon/living area)
(Below - kitchen/dining area)
The desk/pc view I've kept out - it's only spaghetti junction anyway...!
The bedroom....?  None of your business.......!

The above photos are "approximative" - 'coos I'm always changing it around anyway.
Doubtless Mme la Marquise will have some changes to make, to "personalize" in her style.
If it makes her feel at home, I'll play along....(and change it back later....!)


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