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Friday, March 25, 2011


It never ceases to amaze me this system I have installed for a few months. "UBUNTU" - free of charge and with everything 3 or 4 times over that Windows has. This is the current opening screen shot now......simple - as you can see, the old ones were kinda more amusing - but distracting 
and there are a couple of things that just never cease to amaze me.
Yesterday was a perfect example. I knew that Windows had updates to be installed, that Mozilla had brought out the new Firefox and various other things, so I had to boot up my 2nd computer, running on WIN XP Pro SP3 (otherwise you won't get the updates) and sure enough, there they were - waiting for me! Now Windows updates always are a pain, and I recall a certain gentleman's statement when dealing with the subject of "Linux" in general - he sounded worried....and has every right to. In any case, I started to install the one and only update available, and an hour was still going! Of course - being Windows, I had to go searching myself for the Firefox update - Windows don't want to know about that - that would be too helpful, so I enjoyed myself again, waiting for Firefox to install itself - which it did - a lot quicker than the one and only Windows update! All done....well - almost....I still had to close down, so I started the process, and as some or indeed all of you on Windows have already found out, it's a bit like a lottery. Sometimes Windows will close down in 5 minutes, sometimes NEVER.....! Well - whilst waiting, I went back to my Ubuntu machine, to find that the "Update Manager" had announced it's presence - ready to update something or other.
..So - I looked at it - the update manager told me how much space it needed - Windows didn't,  it told me comprehensibly what the updates were - Windows didn't, I found out that as well as Firefox 4, there were various updates to the Acrobat system - Windows didn't know that, so on Windows I'd have to wait until Acrobat told me and suffer in between.
I allowed the updates on Ubuntu, and in around 90 seconds, they were all done, finished - free of charge and working.....Windows was still chugging away!
Waiting patiently...
Back to the Windows machine - still chuntering about "don't close your computer - it will close automatically when the update is finished"
Yeah - but will that be before Christmas...I've got other things to do!
Back to the Ubuntu machine, well, I'll turn it off - save energy, whilst Windows is using it...
4 seconds (!!) later, closed down I went back to the Windows machine and watched the football match with extra time waiting for Windows to close down, then I went to bed...! Next morning, it was still making vague promises...... 

All that for the so cheap price that Windows request, just to sell you something not up to date, full of bugs, that expects you to buy something else to protect yourself and expects you to waste time and space downloading bundles and bundles of updates and service packs and god alone knows what else.Against that the so disappointingly free of charge, efficiently working, user friendly UBUNTU Linux.....
I understand why you don't want to use it ....can't be good - it's free....!
maybe it has something to do with the individual open source sense of pride in creating something useful as opposed to the mercenary profit orientated "stuff the client" approach of Windows.
Well - I'm happy that so few of you download, install and use the best system on the market......let's keep it like that......

iwmpop(mrlemarquis)                     -                 30600 Vauvert,France       -         Mars 2011

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