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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Bits and bobs.....from this week

.....There's been a lot going on around the Globe this week.
These are just a couple of things which have aroused, amazed,annoyed or otherwise activated my grey cells!
Starting with the famously eternal "News Channel of the Year" - Sky News.
I have no idea WHO votes them every year, but something is wrong.
This week, watching the German news Channel "ZDF" at 7pm, I was informed that the European Community had received the official request from the Portugese Government for the much publicised "bail-out"..........It took the British News Channel of the year a further 18 hours to announce this fact, and even then as though it was an exclusive scoop!
They then carried on to inform us that due to the threatened "shutdown" of the American Government, it was possible that some of the State Parks would not be open....! Not a word at that moment about the millions of people who would risk not obtaining their unemployment or food stamps or many other things...Now that I call really top notch reporting! It took them a further 12 hours to figure out that there were other, more important aspects than being able to go and visit Yogi Bear's home!
 ... the same story took off seriously, towards the end of the week, and showed what American Politicians are all about - themselves....and very little else!
Self-important, inflated money wasting imbeciles who spend all their time ensuring that they and their own are "all right, Jack".......and poops to the others, whilst trying to find a way to justify nonsense and be able to say "see what I did for you"......Is their possibly a little bit more feeling in the grass root American that the French weren't completely wrong back in the 17 hundreds...? ...the World looked on with wonder and admiration as the "big boys" tried to figure out how they could ruin their already near ruined country, and the rest of the World with it!
......They finally figured out that no heads on shoulders could be painful, particularly if it was theirs.....! Undoubtedly they'll come back again for another go - later.........

Elsewhere, the British Government was thanking their Military troops by informing them that they would only be sacked when they got back from active duty....kind of an encouragement "best go get killed now,  'cos later you won't have the same opportunities"....Her Majesty didn't comment, I beleive she was baking wedding cakes....
Wonder how long it will take for ex-British Professional troops to turn up again in Libya and elsewhere......but on the other sides.......Of course one of the first soldiers who were thanked for their services and told politely to "get lost" were the Gurkhas..firstly they had fought too well and too loyally for too long, weren't REALLY British and wasn't really racist, it just so happened that the British legal system had just recently legalised these British soldiers demands for Pensions and rights equal to other British soldiers, so this could get a little bit - wasn't
And Her Majesty turned her skills to baking scones.....
Portugal - second home of richer British people went bust! ...It wasn't reported whether the sun and the beaches and the sea would now retire, like the rich tourists, elsewhere.... but it was bitterly declared that "We aren't even in the euro-zone but we've still got to pay up - that ain't fair....!" 
I do beleive that the day is not far away when those countries who are capable of so doing, will simply break away and form their own "euro-zone" - countries like Germany, France, Holland, Luxembourg, Austria (and in this case, you can bet your last penny that Switzerland would suddenly want to join up) - and I am sorry to say that your country - the UK - will not be a part of it!
You probably don't recall the screamings way back in the 60's when an insolent little French General kept on saying "NON" to every British application to join the EU....Could well happen again, except it won't be a General who says "NON".....
Finally, just a little headline, concerning my own country of birth....On the day that the English Parliament announced large increases in the amount to be paid for EVERY single medicament received on a prescription, my country of birth (although not of residence for over 60 years) announced that prescription charges were to be disposed of, stopped,   no longer applicable, as in other - sensible - independant countries! 
Since more than half the population of England is made up of Scots,Welsh and Irish, I still see the English winning!
In any case, serves the English right for exploiting the other "United Kingdom" countries for centuries....... 
Finally -  a little reported incident in North-Eastern Germany, where the old "DDR" farming policy had destroyed all natural vegetation because it hindered simpler agricultual processes, thus giving the possibility for heavy winds, always present in the area, to sweep over the mile wide bare countryside, and slowly throwing up "sandstorms". 
80 cars ploughed into each other, a tanker carrying combustible fuels plunged into them....Result - 8 deaths and scores of injured.....wonder who is going to be declared responsable....Nature probably...!  In any case, it doesn't really matter, next year is, after all..........


Do have a nice Weekend........!

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