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Monday, July 04, 2011

When I am older....many years from now....

..It always surprises me when, roughly once a week, the UK Government trots out something else that in particular England doesn't have, and start telling everybody how they're going to do it.
Today's story is "Health care in old age"...and sometimes you don't have to be so old to require it!
Apparantly it doesn't exist in England. Currently elder English citizens have to either take out private Insurances (if they can afford them) or sell just about everything they have to be able to either go into a nursing home. Otherwise families are required and expected either to pay for, or do, the necessary "caring".
 How come that....? I'm a German Pensioner, I have to pay every month my Health Insurance fees (a percentage according to the size of the pension) AND - since 1995 I, like every other German worker, Pensioner, recipient of Unemployment or other State Benefits, must pay what's called "Care Insurance". Currently it costs me around 9euros a month, and together with the Health Insurance I have a total of around 100euros monthly to pay. It's all worked out at source, and I don't have any choice in the matter - I pay!
But then, I'm happy to do so, because I have an excellent Health Insurance, even if they are always trying to find new ways of cutting costs, and I have the knowledge that I am insured for anything between 1% disability to 100% disability if ever I am no longer capable of caring for myself...This since 1995 - applicable to every single person in Germany!
In Scotland, I understand that was one of the very first things the Scottish Government arranged as well, Wales and Ireland I'm not too sure about, but England - as usual, has to be different and wonder about it all years and years later, only finally to be told it's all too late, we have to make 25,000,000,000 (25 thousand million savings).....and.....that's what happens.
Somehow none of them figure out that at sometime in their life they are probably going to need the help that Scots and Germans are already entitled to, without selling homes, jewellery, possessions and - now and then - their souls!
I've been away from Scotland - England - the UK now for more than 45 years, so I've seen many, many things of this nature come, and I've always been amazed at the English seems to be a permanent ..refusal of everything...just get that head into the sand....
Well - things are reaching a point where nothing would surprise me.....UK (mainly England) as a new "Greek" case.......Just without

 the good weather?..Looking at this, it could very well be the case, and then no amount of selling will help those who need care to even pay for it, except maybe if they move to Scotland or Germany...!  

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