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Monday, December 05, 2016

FACTS - FACTS and more FACTS......

Image result for banana republic cartoons Everybody knows what the expression 'Banana Republic' means, the difference nowadays, 2016, is that more and more countries are qualifying themselves for the description.....

I have decided to put down some FACTS regarding the troubled planet Earth at this moment, and to start with I feel obliged to qualify certain descriptive nouns such as 'Politicians' - 'Businessmen' - and almost every other Public and many Private occupations that must now be qualified as more or less dishonest or only looking out for themselves in every aspect of our lives, at our expense.
Politicians are the top of the bunch of bananas, strangely also - the most rotten. They are present to represent themselves and their Pension rights - at the peoples' expense.
To a large extent they are simply not intelligent enough to do their job, or they like having 'friends' - as on Facebook - who they can support, and be supported by, in their turn.
Businessmen would, if they could, double or triple or more the price of their products for an inferior or smaller product!
Other Public Servants spend their 'working' life just popping in to see if their monthly, overhigh salaries have been paid!
The movement of paperwork from 'In/Urgent' boxes to 'Pending/Deleted' boxes (or even rubbish bins) is the only serious work they do.
Understandable, because little Johny or Jilly has to go to the school - the doctor - the dentist etc., etc.,Image result for small children

To list, country by country all the Banana Republics now existing would take me too long, so suffice it to say that there are elements present in every Country.

Naturally those with a 'high estimation of themselves' like the USA, United Kingdom, other European countries snatch the headlines - they also sow mayhem everywhere else and have little or no respect for Constitution, laws, rules and simple common sense - unless it suits them.
Image result for common sense The  only thing one can say is actually said in this illustration which has never been so true!     Image result for common sense
Today it is Italy grabbing the news, the Prime Minister has resigned (just the 65th since Mussolini) the Euro dived, some people made a killing (tax free) then the Euro went up again almost to what it was before the event, just 2 hours later!
The Austrians threw out any notion of right wing politics taking over the country - not surprising considering their history - and 'status quo' reigns once again, which brings me back to the main headline grabbers.....USA and Mr Trump!Image result for Mr Trump This well-known-for-nonsenses person doesn't even know if he is going to be named 'The President' but he's ensuring that family members get some ice cream.....
..Image result for UK Prime Minister The Prime Minister of the UK simply doesn't know what she is doing, so she tried to pacify some idiots  who had expected to get the job themselves!
Image result for UK Prime MinisterImage result for BrexitThe whole issue of 'Brexit' was just the exploding of  popular sentiments against the stupidity of Politicians and the greediness of businessmen, often the one and same people!
The now Government is trying to run rud-shod over all the British Constitutions that exist, in particular not the RIGHT of Parliament to debate and vote a new law taking UK out of the EU, but the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY of such a debate - vote and new law.
These imbeciles are actually, today, appealing against the highest court in the land's decision that Parliament HAD to debate, vote and pass a new law in accordance with the Constitution. Do they have any idea of what they are doing?
A certain Einstein put it correctly....Image result for Political Imbeciles

At my age, with my health, in my situation, I need all this nonsense like last year's Christmas tree freshly in the drawing room for this year!

This article could go on to become an Encyclopedia Brittanica, but it won't, because I'm stopping it now - no one will pay attention to a little guy like me who has lived most of his life outside the United Kingdom, but who also served his Queen, to defend the ideas and principles of his Birth Country.
I'm leaving this planet soon, and I can only hope for you poor souls remaining that common sense and reality prevails....

Image result for Happy Future

Ian W. Mitchell                           5th December 2016               Vauvert, France.

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