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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Have you ever noticed how often coincidences happen in our everyday life?
After all, in view of the fact that they are supposed to be completely by chance, they seem to happen to me all the time!
Just yesterday there was another bit of proof!
There I was, trying to arrange my 'home cinema' cables, speakers and god knows what else, getting myself into a state of nervous exhaustion Nervous, like that, or like Shockedthat, the cat was in a difficult position ,
being inquisitive in a catty nature, Cat, but being very wary,
Smiley personnalisé
being able to read my thoughts, and having had experience of what happens if you get yourself between master and master's workplace!
Now to test a home cinema, one obviously needs images and sound, and I had both available - at least when I started!
Wonderful picture, satellite working perfectly, Satellite Dish then suddenly - Static !
I unplugged everything again, redid the lot, and Smarty Eureka, it all worked. No apparant reason for the problem. Pleased with myself, but having other things to do, I turned everything off, in the normal orderly fashion I have!
Hours later, I switched back on, and waited - and waited - and waited Waiting Waiting I'm Waiting ! Nothing, then suddenly SOUND Music or was it TV or even Radio or both? No images on my 'home cinema' which is , of course, rather disconcerting!No Video Camera no Family Portrait no nothing, in fact!
I howled, the cat screetched, we were all happy,
Hours later, at my wits end, cables all over the floor, the house, the home, the cat, an image with stereo sound just suddenly turned up. Can you guess what this young lady said?

"WE REGRET THE BREAKDOWN IN OUR SERVICES etc..........etc..........etc.........." Coincidence?

Just this morning, unable to sleep properly (being mentally over-active, in trying to figure out what to bombard you all with next) I finally decided to get up and have a little calming drinky, listen or watch the TV for a while,
and return to bed.
Well, I switched on, TV not interesting, so switched over to the channel which is responsible for the Radios (I can have radios on the tele too!!) - NOTHING! No sound- just NOTHING!
click click on the automatic remote control etc, NOTHING!! The cat had recognized the symptoms, and was off.
I crossed the room to check that the decoder was switched on, and it said "118" which is the correct channel!
What could it be? At that very second, the decoder changed - "119" it now said, and I hadn't touched it! Voodoo? Black Magic? True, it was late - what time was it?

1.19hrs!!! COINCIDENCES?

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