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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Studying anything, but particularly "the arts of living".....

 I noted that, once again, the folks are up in arms!
Students should pay more to study - say the current law makers in Britain (not Scotland I hasten to add - we're independent).
Well - we ARE dealing with a Conservative Government, and it has always been a thorn of enragement to them, and their supporters that just about anybody can go studying now, even anybody who is nobody!
Well - that is of course something that Socialists and Liberals can't accept, so the stage is set for battle Royale, and I'd like to set the ball rolling!
Let me say, first of all that I haven't got any political background or feelings - I only started to vote in Germany and France because it had to do with Europe!
As someone who has only studied ONE art in my life, and that was "The art of surviving",
I may not be the best qualified, but I do feel that in certain things OUTSIDE the Arts there is absolutely no doubt that certain Students should pay and pay lots for their studies, paid for mainly by us who are still studying the art of survival.
I think notably of DENTISTS - LAWYERS - BANKERS, in other words, the biggest bandits of the modern age.
I think that a Dentist should be obliged, before receiving his diplomas or whatever they give them, to serve a minimum of 4 years, satisfactorily - in a National Health Dental clinic, centre or hospital.
After that, he can disappear to the USA to make his millions, or take over daddie's high class Practice. That's what he does right now, anyway, but the taxpayer could at least profit for 4 years from his so called knowledge.
Bankers (students of finance and lots of other University taught themes) the same, but control them - severely!
Lawyers also - 4 years of helping the "no-income" groups of the population - and with satisfactory results, otherwise (as in all cases) NO DIPLOMAS!
The only reason I haven't put Doctor's and Nurses on the list is because I know they are one of the few who work like crazy - WHILST STUDYING!
So far as "The Arts" are concerned, I also feel that a willing Student should prove firstly, that he/she can survive. "Art" covers such a range of things, from the sublime to the absolute ridiculous, and these subject matters should be much more controlled.
Yes - the idea of studying is not only to show that you are capable of learning, capable of successfully finishing courses, but also to "form the character", be capable of rowing a rowing boat on the Thames, or play "rugger", or all the other "character formers" that exist! Naturally - that shouldn't be limited to "favoured" and "privileged" people - no, not at all - even Rugby League players should be given the chance to study, or those poor aimless laddies that smash up anything and everything - every Saturday - on the football terraces, or those who smear toilet walls with (occasionally) very artistic works - they too should have the chance!
But - where do you stop...?
Just how many qualified Engineers, Artists, Lawyers, Architects, and all the others can a Society need - and support, every year?
To have highly qualified Engineers who work in the local parks department, as litter collectors, was not the aim...!
I don't have the answer, all I know is - the system doesn't work at the moment, but it's costing a fortune, just like us Pensioners, and.....come to think of it, why is the subject "becoming a pensioner" not on any University's curriculum...?
It probably will be, once the influential readers of this Weblogsite have read this....!
When can I start....?

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