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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Security - Safety - Standards

Just a walk in the park....almost like couples in love, just no kids running about....?
If it wasn't for the fact that these people were wearing something different to the normal track suits and sneakers or training shoes, and because they're not holding hands, one could almost believe in an idyllic domestic Sunday morning....!
Well - look hard at the image, because it's probable you won't be seeing it for much longer....!
Of course, all the bad boys and girls will be  rubbing their hands in great glee, looking forward to the day they can go to cast their vote - in the Prison Voting Room..........
Mr & Mrs J. Doe won't notice much difference, until the day they need one of these people, then they will bring out the eternal....
"Typical - when you need one - they're never there!"
The Conservative/Lib Democratic coalition Government of Her Gracious Majesty are not contemplating making massive cuts to the forces of law and order, they are doing save money...!
Irrespective of the fact that crime figures are going up and up, they are ensuring that the Forces of law and order are becoming fewer and fewer....
Irrespective of the fact that highly trained (at high cost) officers of the Police forces are not being replaced, they are sitting bye, watching the State investments going to Private Security companies, only too glad to get hold of such specialists, and knowing that the very State that let them go will eventually come and arrange "external" contracts to cover the lack of State highly inflated costs.
Those who don't go to external Security forces will go to other branches of employment, and take up many of those precious free places so few of which are available, so that no decrease in the unemployment figures will be seen - indeed an increase is more likely, just as an increase in the prison population will necessitate the expenditure on more Staff, more prisons and all the ensuing costs....
One is entitled to ask just who these Government Specialists are, who work out the sums.....
..Well, they are certainly not the criminals or terrorists...except in their own little way, always kept under wraps...!
Those responsible are more likely than not those people who already have their own private, state financed bodyguards...those who have their homes and property already guarded round the clock by a whole team of specialists...!
Nobody will miss them - until they need them, then there will be the usual public outcry...!
The figures and reports vary between 10,000 and 40,000 positions that will not be occupied,

40,000 British policemen may lose their jobs  London, Sep 10 : Around 40,000 police officials in Britain may lose their jobs if the government goes ahead with its proposed 25 percent budget cuts, a media report said Friday.


Like most people, I am not a particular supporter of law and order, I simply try to stay within the bounds of the laws that govern our lives.
At the same time, I do appreciate that there are an awful lot of people who don't!
In the modern days of increased illegal activity, notably within the Security sectors of Terrorism, and I could say - equally well - in the sector of Politician's expense accounts and other frauding going on by those Right Honourable Gentlemen, it wouldn't seem particularly intelligent to slash drastically those who are gainfully employed in combating the criminal elements.
Unless - of course - you are one of those criminal elements....!
I had the occasion to witness, at close hand, such "economical cuts" way back in the 1960's, regarding the Amalgamations and the disbanding of Military Units...  Of course, at the time, the "Home" politicians beleived that the Armed Forces, who were not actively involved in any war, with the notable exception of Northern Ireland, were costing too much - through inefficiency....!
Cut off the debris....!
Frankly, they should have started with themselves.
However - cut off was performed, demands were limited to a minimum, millions were spent in changing Regimental uniforms, badges, stationary, equipment instead of using the same millions to improve the services rendered...!
"Nobody will notice the difference" they said - those Specialists of the mathematical Accounting act, and just like the Police Forces, nobody did - until they suddenly needed a soldier or two, for ever increasing Ireland problems, Falkland problems, Terrorist problems, and of course - the same people cried loudly - "Where are they then" and the general public cryed out "Hue and Cry" with the Politicians rapidly behind them.
Soldiers trained and went to battle with catapults against nuclear weapons, just like David against Goliath, but NOT with the same result...
Costs in human life were enormous, costs in treatment of war injured and their families swallowed up all, and much more of the "economies" made by the Specialists.
I personally recall eating (and strangely enough they were good) "composite" rations ...that had been fabricated for the 2nd world war, fabricated in around 1939-1940 or even earlier.....!
We did occasionally, wonder what the "Specialists of the Economy" were all eating at that moment in time....back in their warm and comfortable London clubs and homes....and at whose expense!
Well - it's a Conservative installation that is cutting on everything except private business...that, I suppose, is their job, but they are being aided and abetted by a thing that calls itself "Liberal-Democratic"......
I'm not politically aligned - at all, but I don't believe for one moment that the general British Public quite expected this......
Personally I live in France, from a German pension, I haven't lived in Britain for almost 50 years and I have no intention of ever doing so again - no you're right, one should never say never - and maybe one day I will be forced to use my obligatory German State Insurance for old age care which I pay for - month by month......but at least I've got one.....The general great unwashed British Public for the majority, with the exception of Scottish citizens, don't have any form of Insurance to help.....but - maybe I should become one of those "Specialists" -
"I'm all right, Jack - sod the others...!"
Almost American conditions, a logical ending for the 51st or whatever American United State....
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