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Monday, September 05, 2011

Fanatics (2)

Fanatics (1) below - dealt with an agreeable subject, even if a somewhat sad one. This one, Fanatics (2) is somewhat different, it deals with something often criticised  often said to be "unwished" and "unwanted", and something which is present permanently in all of our lives, even if, like myself, you don't believe yourself to be particularly fanatical about anything!
Fanatics are present everywhere....sometimes abbreviated, to make it sound different and more "friendly" as in "fans" - It rarely is "friendly" however, because the very nature of it excludes anyone who has a relatively sane state of mind. It exists in all areas of life and society, particularly in those where "faith" in something unproven or unsubstantiated is a necessity, such as
...religions, of all types.
Of course fanatiscism allows the seepage of jealousy into our daily lives. Many fanatics are basically jealous, of someone - something - can't understand why they haven't "got it"....and this jealousy allows other, unscrupulous individuals to profit for their own purposes.
Often I feel that if you can give anything a religious aspect, it will be more readily accepted or understood simply because it's religious....somewhere....and you needn't go looking for wher, or for an just have to have faith that things are - or will be - as the prophet hath said!  ...irrespective of which prophet....they all basically claim the rights ...the same ones, just in a different name.
With subtle differences, and some individuals use the gullability of "normal" thinking and reacting individuals to their own purposes...... In the name of religions, faith, the murder of thousands of people, of all colours, creeds, believers or unbelievers is not "beleivable"....and yet it happened, and some people had faith that it would happen.
Just as many people have faith that the above will happen too.
It is fanatiscism, in it's own way, as well - possibly justified, but let's not talk around's a need for revenge, vengeance - personal or unified, and it is understandable, but it still does make us all fanatics....somewhere...
The history of this troubled planet holds so many examples, from the "miraculous drowning" (presumably) of thousands of Egyptian troop, chasing the "chosen people" on their way out of slavery and persecution to the history of "Crusades" against the heathen elements coming from the Orient, all the way through to Ireland and finally the innocous "Twin Towers" in the "New World" - nothing "new" at all, of course - just simple human stupidity, dogmatics and fanatism...... on all sides.

We hear various "quotes" such as "turn the other cheek"....."do unto others etc...." but essentially, when it comes down to individual facts, and events, we all become fanatics....somewhere.

iwmpop(mrlemarquis)  -  Vauvert,France  -  September 2011