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Saturday, August 18, 2012


It's exactly 04.14am and this is a really enormous problem I have. I risk losing my mind over it - really.  It is really NOT a joking matter.
I fear that I have already lost, or seriously risk losing, my wife due to the circumstances. I hope she can understand finally from this article that I'm aware of the problem and I'm looking for solutions.
Here is the problem....For some time in the last few months, and this evening/night/morning, from around 1am, I have been plagued with a situation where a question or questions, was/were posed in my subconscious such as  "what is the name given to a unit of warmth" - there then followed a list which did not contain any form of answer to the question, so a reply was and is NOT possible.
What it did was to make my mind turn in a circle, stop me from thinking logically and of course make it impossible for me to sleep. 
This in turn made me ask for help from the only other person around, my wife, who only (logically and understandably) wanted to sleep and nothing else!
Finally I have been obliged to take the PC and write this. Somehow I need help to find a solution, but how?
My wife is actually sleeping right now she is actually snoring and I would love to record it - but I don't know how to!
I'm going to publish this on Facebook, right now, before I publish the full article on the Blog, because I hope someone out there will have a solution, before I go mad - really insane.  Already there was a very loud exchange between myself and my dear wife - I can understand her feelings, because she just wants to sleep and it seems to her that I won't let her!
It's not the case, I want to let her sleep, but seemingly -subconsciously, my mind will not leave the problem, and my voice keeps asking her in a normal way for her help with an answer to the unanswerable question!
This logically has made her go berserk and made her shout at me, in an attempt to get me to let her sleep.
The link I put in above is classified as "philosophical " - maybe, but all I want is that it leaves me, leaves my brain and lets me live normally. The problem is here, try the following and let me know what happens:

1. Go to Google search.
2. Type in  "impossible questions to answer".
3. Whilst you are typing, various suggestions will be presented - follow them and try to make sense of anything.
4. Let me know at  what results you come up with.

I've never had any problem of this nature before, mentally I am inquisitive, yes - but relatively normal - and this situation is intolerable. In view of the circumstances and current conditions, I ask myself if the medicaments I have to take to treat this terrible condition of vertige I am suffering from have anything to do with it, or if the serious nature of my health problems are making me a case for the mental health department!
For some time, I have been waking in the small hours with wierd, strange - often unanswerable questions.
It is driving me personally crazy because I can't sleep properly, and is also driving those around me crazy, for the same reason.
I must find an answer. It is hard and difficult enough suffering as I am from the various conditions - heart, mind, physically now I fear for my sanity as well.

I was obliged to write this, and obliged to get it finished and published before I thought twice. I don't beleive I am insane, in fact I am sure that I am perfectly sane, but I must seek help and try to find a solution for this problem.
Now the article is finished - any ideas that come in will be studied - if they are serious.
Thank you.

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