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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Waste not - want not!

modern production methods
The maxim in the title is wrong, at least for the area I live in, here in Southern France.
As every where else, almost worldwide, the residents complain bitterly that everything is more expensive.
mr le marquis!
Here, in the centre of agriculture, where almost everyone has either a back garden, or even a large plot somewhere on the outskirts, the waste not, want not does not seem to apply, at least not to the younger people.
They have trees which produce immense quantities of apricots, peaches, nectarines, cherries, figs, even oranges and lemons - or they would do if someone took care of them!
The older people who have livedall their lives from eting their own products, can no longer do the heavy manual work, and the younger don't want to!
It's easier to buy a kilo at 3-4 euros the kilo than to go and water, tend, and pick the fresh fruit from their own trees!
Afterwards, one complains!
tiptoe through the figgies!
In between, they (and everybody else) squelches through the fruit fallen from the trees, and believe me - figs make a jolly pattern on your carpets at home!
Complaining is fun, and Grandad just does his little bits and pieces in the small garden, things like tomatoes, courgettes, melons, those things which the younger people find outdated, boring not "mode".
All the same, when Grandad goes out to pick some tomatoes for lunch, with a lettuce and a few courgettes, even a melon or two for a starter, how many times does he find the cupboard bare?
Other members of the family have passed before him, those things so unromantic, boring and out of mode have gone.
Of course Grandad knows where he'll find them - in the daughter/son's fridge, in quantity! So cheap they may be at the market, but somehow better, and even cheaper in Grandad's garden!
Grandad - but NOT his garden!
Figs are expensive - why I don't know, they are so plentiful on the pavements you would think they were free - which in fact they are, but you have to pick them - and that's work!
Times change, people don't - in certain things, but don't ever suggest that they are thieves....dear me - no!
Just haven't got time - "I work, you know" -  at least 8 hours a day, Grandad is a pensioner, and nowadays only spends about 12 hours a day working harder than before - to produce his "unimportant, boring" garden stuff!
So long as Grandad carries on, it's OK, but more and more Grandads (and Grandma's) are impolitely saying "get stuffed, like the tomatoes you pinched from my garden!"
Yep-it's the truth!
"Cherries? You want some cherries? I recall you telling me they could be easily bought in the market - so get down from MY cherry tree and disappear - direction market! Only 6 euros the kilo!"
Take them out, for a special treat, to a Restaurant, and (always assuming you dissuade them from McDonald's) when they start with the "entrée" they will squeal with delight and say something like "Ah yes - home grown tomatoes, radish, lettuce, etc..etc..are so lovely, nice to have them now and then" (Grandad's garden is full of 'em) and when they arrive at the dessert, you'll be amazed to see them eating with relish, FIGS or cherries!
 You feel like doing a bit of snarling because you know what they are thinking (and probably saying in low voices) is  "Yeah - they're expensive, but Grandad's paying, and it's tradition with us - a fig or two!"
  (Grandad's trees are supporting the  local dry cleaning companies and shops in the grand style).
There you are - "waste not - want not" - What a load of nonsense!
Have a nice holiday.....!

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