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Monday, September 13, 2010

I've got yet another problem with this issue...(2)....!

After my little article (further down the page) explaining my basic problem with the "Shiinti" or "Rom's" in which I explained that, in my view there WERE unfair, if not discrimanatory, rules and laws in place, but at that time in FAVOUR of these Groups.
I explained (or tried to) that if the people concerned were allowed to travel around Europe, and were allowed to have various Social rights following them, plus the right to install themselves, their families, their equipment, on specially arranged "sites", often free of charge - THEN WHY DIDN'T I HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS?
Now, my second problem with the story, as the French say - "The Polémique" -  stems from the news, over the past weekend, "leaked" from political sources here in France, that - in fact - the President SARKOZY actually did present a "communiquée" at an impromptu French Cabinet sitting, in the town of Grenoble, following various social unrests and problems between Gendarmes/Shintii/Roma and their supporters, and their opposition.
It seems that in this "circular" the President put down, black on white that his directive to "expatriate illegal elements", speedily - either to their home countries, but at least to the French borders, was to be enforced as a matter of urgency, "WITH PARTICULAR EMPHASIS ON THE ROMAS"!
This, of course, is totally illegal, against not only European laws, but also French law.
It is, at that moment in time, "DISCRIMINATORY", and therefore ILLEGAL.
President SARKOZY can scowl and be displeased as he wishes:
   but the fact remains that it is illegal....!
I can't imagine what the motives could have been - badly advised ..ignorance...whatever, but surely nobody really thought this would slip through without comment?
In France, as elsewhere, there are many people just waiting for such basic errors, and in France, as elsewhere, there are other Politicians, of the same Party, who are willing to "leak" what they consider to be important - often important to advance own careers.... but experienced politicians like President Sarkozy are well aware of that, and the only other possible reasons, brainstorm, arrogance, racism, do not bode too well for democracy in the Gallic Union!
After all - if the President and all the President's men (and women) are unaware of the law, how can they expect simple Citizen's to be aware, and if they simply ignore the law, why do they expect the simple citizen to obey it....
Arrogance, racism, pressure from other interested parties, sensationalism, a desire to put the problem on the table......whatever, but it doesn't solve my original problem....I want the same right as others - to put my caravan/camping car/tent etc., onto that so nicely situated "Terrain des Gens Voyageurs" at La Grande Motte, Carnon, Montpellier - within spitting distance of the beach, with fully equipped, modern toilets, with individual water and electricity points - and I want to pay the same as everybody else - NOTHING or if I do have to pay, then I want, like everybody else, my Social rights to health and rent assistance to be available and applied.....
Sorry, Mr President, but it's "my last word"!
Oh, and while I'm about it, maybe if you kept your mind on the job, had fewer distractions,  Nationally or Internationally then things may be simpler in life - everybody's life....!  
     In fact, why not become "gay", life may very well be simpler, and you can always count on "anti-discrimination" laws  for YOUR protection!

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