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Monday, December 13, 2010

A Christmas BUG Story.......

Earlier on today, I was writing a little piece about Christmas on... 
and I was using, as usual "Google Images" for my illustrations, when I fell upon a "Christmas bug story". I'd like to tell you about it...!
Looking for some ideas about World wide Christmas, I clicked on a thing, and it opened up - like normal....then all hell broke loose!
I made a quick "screenshot" of you are:

Something I'd never heard of opened up....scanned (far too quickly) all of my computer and then told me it had found "XXXXX" viruses...!
You can imagine that I wasn't too pleased! I thought about it, and then I downloaded, BUT DIDN'T INSTALL, the logicial they suggested to clean up the problem.
See there - my own Anti-virus suddenly started up and told me that it had found a "Trojan Horse" type virus.  
Guess where.......yep - in the little logicial I had just downloaded - to solve the other problems! 

Well - this was intriguing, and I went back to the Google Image link, clicked on a few of them, with no problem. Then I went back to the one which had caused the problem....and - imagine, it did it AGAIN.....!
I just "got outa there......."
Then I ran my Anti virus, which - by the way - is the best I've ever had, and it's FREE - called "AVG Free" (Google it) and put the thing into "quarantine! 
Later on, I DESTROYED it - so "go figger".....!
Now, the question you're asking is why am I telling you about this......?
Well - I'm telling you so that you know that not everything out there that's wishing you a "Happy Christmas" REALLY means it......
I do....!
It also shows you that spending a lot of money on anything doesn't mean you've got something good! My AVG 2011 programme was a problem at the beginning, but works fine now, and - as you can see from this little "Christmas BUG Carol" works better than many other expensive AV programmes.
You can use ALL the links given on ALL of my sites - I take care that they don't have things in there to spoil your Christmas - it's my job!


Be sure - be certain - get yourselves a new Anti virus programme that works FREE!
A sort of Christmas present that appeals to me!

Here's the link to download it......

(iwmpop) mr le marquis         -    Vauvert, France          -    Décembre 2010

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