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Saturday, May 11, 2013

The first report......

 I thought that after almost 20 days of 90 a balance of my stay in the US of A was called for. Firstly let it be said that our reason for coming was a failure. We wanted to see Tina Concetta's mother whilst she was still alive, but we failed by just 7 hours, which meant, of course, an emotional remeeting for Tina Concetta  with her brother, at the airport, I personally had never met her, although I had spoken often on the phone with her.
The events, naturally, made our programme an almost automatic one, and I must state here that my greatest pleasure was  being accepted by the Marzocca family in the manner they did.
 Certain things don't have the same roots, or indeed ANY roots, but they still appreciate having the opportunity of pushing roots....of a kind!
Of course, learning the funeral forms, traditions, do's and don'ts, was difficult quite apart from the Roman Catholic rites, and - worst of all trying to keep in my mind around 400 names of closer friends at the "wake" - I who have trouble recalling my own name!
The funeral was held on the Friday (we had arrived Wednesday evening) _ the wake was on the Thursday, the Funeral on the Friday, with the prospect of sorting out 40 or 50 years of historical souvenirs, as well as cancelling subscriptions, cleaning _ throwing - trying to sell - giving away  and generally clearing up the home fit and ready for sale, and in a house/garage/patio/front and back garden of this size you've got a job on your hands!
  Even now, (the second weekend of working at it) it's still full........I'm prepared to help where I can, but there are limitations with my health, and in particular there are so many things that carry some form of sentimental value that I am not aware of that it makes it difficult whether it's to be thrown, kept, given or sold. I probably take up more time and disturb the others more with my requests of what to do with this or that than is necessary.
I think enough has been said of the sad side of events, so here is a photo from happier days.......

The American way of life (at least in New York!)
It all started really here.......
This led to my first ever Doggy wasn't to be the last...!
Strange thing is that it isn't American dogs that seem to be something must be going wrong!
This is one of the famous New York Diners.....and my second doggy bag...I've noticed that, in fact, the prices in the Supermarkets are so much higher than in Europe that these places and doggy bags are a logical conclusion! So much so that a "l'il old man" - skinny as a rake, told me the other day that with a couple of bits and pieces, his Diner doggy bag, he was "good for the whole week" - not, of course, a recommended version for us civilized Europeans!
Just to keep us going in "fresh" stuff, we gotta da ica crema man who passes bye, and since I first went out to buy, he stops daily - right opposite....what ya gonna do......?
Strangely, the one I like the best is the Diner, so we're going to try some others, but they are closely followed by guess what..........KFC! Kentucky Fried chicken  that has never seen Kentucky, and now has NO BONES....! As the advert says...."help - I ate the bones" 
Will I die........?
Well - I've been 3 times, the freezer is full of doggy bags, but I'm alive..!
I've also partaken of a couple of burgers, but didn't enjoy them too much.
AND there wasn't quite enough for a doggy bag!
We have to slow down here, because we have quite a few other things to déguste (no - doesn't mean disgusting, means taste in French) like New York bagels,  other Diners, Hot dogs and onions etc in Times Square or somewhere like that... Pancake House, Cheesecake Factory, Jewish deli corned beef sandwich, special secret ice cream place.......and a whole bunch more, after which - I'll be back to the diners!
Incidentlly - Eating all this stuff, I've only put on 3 kilos, and since I lost around 25 kilos during my "sick" period, I've still got room for negotiation!

OK - I'll go along with the fact that it is a cultural shock, but so long as the defibralator doesn't shock - I'm OK! 

I have already published on Facebook a series of photos which show why this neck of the woods is called Floral Park, New York, but here are a couple since I know not all readers are on Facebook.......

and the whole road is like that........! Don't forget - this is the area the hurricane "Sandy" breezed through! There are signs of damage, more elsewhere than here, but even here there are signs of the passage. Nature destroys, nature renews.....!

Well, that's it for the moment, I understand that for Mother's day (today and tomorrow) we are going way down to the tip of long island.......fishy job I think, plus reservation Indians who make duty free cigarettes and Bank Cards.......Modernism , I think........!
Sanders remains the official face of Kentucky ...Sanders remains the official face of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and appears on its logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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