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August 2009
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Monday, October 24, 2016

Just 2 more days.....!

Image result for Birthday Well, just 2 more days and I'll have made it!
OK - there isn't room for the 70 candles on many cakes and anyway I'm not a very 'cakey' person, but I am just amazed at two things, how time has gone bye and the fact that I have nearly made it to the big 70!
It's been a bumpy ride at times, but everyone's life is Image result for Life a bumpy ride
and if this year of 2016 has probably been the worst, who knows - maybe 2017 will be calmer. Hope springs eternal as they say and it wouldn't be correct if things went along like a high speed Autoroute, just going to some destination - sometime....!
Yes I lost my wife to Cancer many years ago at a young age, but we had been married for over 20 years and had travelled all over the world together.....

Yes I had my problems of heart ailments but I'm still alive - still, with the help of 'stent' and 'bypass' surgery with finally a built in 'defibrillator' - my own personal electric shock machine!

Image result for Heart ailments Here is a little link with a video all about the heart and circulation systems.....

I recall, as a young man, thinking and talking to others about my feelings that around 40 years would be my maximum - well, I've almost doubled that!
Of course, apart from German and French doctors of the first category I've also had enormous help from my current partner, Tina Marzocca, who still plays the rôle of nurse for me.
Talking to a British friend who will turn 90 in January next year and who is still in fine fettle, I realised that maybe I've got a couple of miles to carry on down the bumpy road!
Of course food and drink habits had to change and medicaments play a large part in my life now. Sometimes I feel that is all I do - eat medicaments all day long!
But........I'm still around....... and looking forward to a

Image result for happy 71st birthday

Keep up to date on my activities with Google Search, 'iwmpop' or 'Ian Watson Mitchell............even my obituary I suppose, some day or other!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Meze - my account.

Image result for Meze, Herault  Meze, Herault - not far from us here, but I haven't been back for many years. In fact I lived there with my deceased wife Kate for a number of years, and finally I'm going back next week to see it again. This article is a little round up of the place and some of the things we experienced over the years there. We started off in a camping site, 'Beau Rivage' but it didn't look anything like this!
Image result for Camping Beau Rivage Meze, HeraultThe original building was there and was turned into a bar eventually, with a terrace but no cover just a few parasols. Our plot was actually just to the right, behind the building and we spent some years there.
There was no swimming pool.....a little shop for urgencies and that's it!
We moved on from there eventually to a plot of ground high on a hill at the exterior of the Village, called it 'The Trou' (the hole) although it had a wonderful view of the lake towards the City of Sète.
My wife worked permanent nights in Germany so it meant 14 night on and the rest of the month off - train travel back and forwards France/Germany scenting the train compartments with garlic and fresh melon odours. Sometimes I went back with her and the car journey was always an adventure - in both directions, passing through a lot of France, all of Switzerland, a touch of Austria and finally Germany - with border controls at all these places and having to throw our ham sandwiches in the bin at the Swss border (they said due to swinepest but really it was to force you to buy something in Switzerland to eat!)
Image result for Cafe gif

Economically the centre of oyster and mussel farming we of course ate an awful lot of these things, cheap - easy (apart from oyster opening) together with still warm fresh bread.......Meze is also a centre for sailing schools, wine producing and familly holidays Image result for Meze, Herault It's situated on the famous 'Bassin de Thau' an inland lake directly attached to the Meditteranean Sea, salt water but the family advantage is that the lake is not deep so is quite safe for children....just watch out for the winds, the Mistral and the Tremontagne blow, often making sailing possible but difficult.Image result for Meze, Herault When we lived there, we had a small boat with an outboard motor and regular trips to the town of Sete to the markets across the lake were on the order of the day. It did take quite some time, but parking the boat was easier than parking the car....and cheaper!
So many things happened during our stay that it would be long and difficult to recount them all, so here are some links to things I've already published - go have a look - some are older articles and the images are no longer present.
(all abut holiday makers.....and others)
(a true story from the area)
Image result for Meze, Herault

I'm looking forward to passing the day back in this place and I'm sure there will be pictures from all and sundry of the events!
Certainly oysters, mussels, muscat wine as an apéro, Dry white wine 'Picpoul' will be on the order and it will be interesting to see all the changes that have been least there shouldn't be too many tourists, and hopefully the weather will play along!
This says sunny and 20C in the afternoon of Wednesday 26th October.....well, we'll see! (Go to the 26th October - après midi) 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Sad World

Politics are not my thing, but the effects often are and affect me.
Right now, leaving the American farce to one side, the thing which horrifies me most is the situation in Syria.
Image result for Syria  Understand - no, except that people and children are being bombed by somebody, be it the Syrian Government or the Russians, bombed and killed with bombs and weapons made in the USA, UK and elsewhere in Europe, fuelled by Arab country petrol and largely financed by supposed peace organisations. Instead of water and food for people there is money and food for petrol, weapons and killers!Image result for Weapons made in USA - UK
Aleppo is the perfect proof that if you build weapons you have to use them, either by selling them, or using them.
Some of these pictures recall Coventry, Berlin and other places during the '39-'45 conflict
Image result for Berlin bombed Berlin 1944/45.......
Have we learnt nothing?
When will the people of the world stand up and insist on change? No - my name is not Marx, but things exist that simply should not exist.
Politicians have their problems with stopping arms manufacturing, everywhere, job losses - including in the Arms industry - will lead to Politicians being voted out of their comfortable, well fed, well paid jobs, so - which one of them is going to do it?
In America not even the President of the 'Greatest Nation in the World' could sort out the simple problem of personal weapons and the right to carry them in his own country- I wonder why? 
Maybe the Weapons industry depends too much on such sales and on the orders made by the State itself!
This applies to ALL so called 'civilized' Western countries as well as those countries who produce and sell the products to run tanks, vehicules etc ......
Death is one thing, MURDER is another.
Image result for sunset of my life
I personally am in the sunset of my life so I do not have a lot to benefit from, but there are MILLIONS in this World who are supposed to be at the start or dawn of their life - As a race, we are abominable and very little advanced from the caveman epoch (which is probably insulting the cavemen).
Now I know this will not be read by anybody who can or could make any differences or changes, but - it makes me feel better!
The Syrian situation as all the others worldwide will continue, the boat people................ 
Image result for world crisis 2016  the immigrants ...........Image result for world crisis 2016  the hungry .........Image result for world crisis 2016  For us in the 'Western Democracies' the only 

thing that will matter is Image result for world crisis 2016

Image result for Aren't we wonderful?