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Friday, December 16, 2016


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2016......l’année de merde - Crap year for everyone- Just a few things that happened..........
Started with a hospital stay due to Cardiac complications. Carried on with just about every aspect of life - stolen Bank Cards (3 in total) illegal withdrawals to a total of 1,200 euros. Visits to places we would/should NEVER have to go like the Gendarmes, Hospital, operating rooms because of stomach ulcers caused by heart medicines...Post office closed for months for 'renovation' had to go 15 kilometre & back to send registered letter, postperson changed (according to the Post office) twice in one month....still no mail arrived - for anyone in the building! A complaint by myself made in September was answered by letter in November....! The clearing centre was burned down - still mail before and after the event didn't arrive! In any case our mailbox decided not to open with the key, and the landlady still hasn't responded to our request to change it or I'll break it open. Right now I have to fish the mail out, if I can! High security with a thief in the area!
Personal health hopeless - 'Zombie' state permanently due to medecines.
Tina's back still killing her daily, her stomach 'deranged' daily, eating is no problem for her but is for me with these ulcers slow to heal....
Problems with the Internet supplier SFR - From their offer of 'unlimited' with Internet, phone, TV and all the rest at 39.90 euros/month became 85 euros then down to 65 euros (which I had been paying anyway! No increased performance as promised - in fact more breakdowns....Same thing with my Antivirus until they finally decided to be reasonable and gave me a (payable) programme that covered up to 3 PC's.....! Gee - thank you!
Technical material that kept breaking down or just not working, and Internet forums full of people's comments that 2016 was SHIT- 
made us feel not quite on our own. !Image may contain: text

More hospital visits and operations to change the defibrillator implanted - not pleasant, and I looked down the road with a little bit of envy at the main village cemetery!
All in all (and all these things are just a small part of the happenings) 2016 - forget it - and we've still got 2 weeks left!

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Christmas Message....2016

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Put the music on whilst you below:

It's December, a 'festive' month.
We've finally got that terrible, torrid and dead month of November behind us and we can try to repair the damage and attempt to enjouy Christmas and the New Year entry to what hopefully will be a better year.....2017.
I recall, many years ago  Image result for carol singers  that this period was the one and only time I got to see the outside of our 'Manse' at night time.
I say 'Manse' because our Father was, at the time, a Minister of Religion in a rather strict Methodist church in a place called Bolton, in the NW of England, and we were allowed no Television, no cinema visits, at the fall of darkness we had to be inside the manse.....(A Manse - for those uneducated amongst you is a building put at the disposal of a Minister and his family free of charge) As I recall, my Father earned around 7 shillings and 6 pence per week and we got some free wood for the stove, occasionally some free coal, our electricity was paid, but we had few electrical implements, just overfilled classrooms!
 Image result for life in the 40's  Prices were naturally lower, but we had no pocket money, no chocolate bars, no chewing gum, no turkey any time - not even chicken!
In brief, we had to make do....  Image result for life in the 50's compared to now 
Generally we received a sort of 'care package' from the Church General Headquarters in the USA, which did contain some things unheard of like popcorn, chewing/bubble gum and.....A big tin of canned ham!
This ham became rapidly our Christmas day lunch special, and I recall vividly the tension building up when we hadn't received the parcel by around the 20th December or so. I also recall the year that it turned up and had been damaged - the ham was one seething mass of Mother even tried to scrape them off to make it edible, but more came through from the centre!Image result for Canned Ham infested with maggots   We had to make do and mend (don't ask)! I honestly don't recall what we ate that Christmas!
Later in life we started to get a visit on Christmas Eve's, from the Church Secretary, bringing gifts (paid generally by the Church members) - he travelled really from afar! Image result for Roast Turkey The only problem was that my Mother had no idea if he was going to bring this offer until Christmas Eve, and once again, tension knew no bounds!
On these famous Christmas Eve's came an event which I, as a 10-12 year old simply loved! Image result for Carol Singers
This Church was, to my knowledge, the only one who sent out every Christmas Eve, a whole bunch of Adults and children, to carol sing for other members of the congregation who were homebound through illness or whatever. We had to walk miles and miles, and sing and sing.....
It started on Christmas Eve around 10pm and lasted until around 3-4 am......!
At every stop, we stood outside, and sang! It was cold, in Lancashire, England, but at every stop we were rewarded, after singing, with the traditional cup of tea, scones and sometimes the exotic Image result for Mincepies British 'mincepies'!
As I said this was the only time of the year I saw darkness outside, and it was a mesmerizing experience.
Of course when we moved to London, I was older and things changed!
Image result for London Christmas lightsLights all over the place, all year round!
Even now, in the twilight of my years I recall these times, strangely - with pleasure!
I recall wiping down the damp walls in the bedrooms, so we could go to a 'dry' bed....I recall the occasional visit on a Christmas Day of somebody with a kind heart and a little gift for the Pastor's!

This is me - almost 50 years ago, reading a German newspaper in Immenstad-im-Allgau, Bavaria........

And so a circle closes itself.....most people I knew then are long gone now....but the memories live on.    (Christmas music and images from You Tube......)


Image result for Happy Christmas and New Year 2017           and.........

of course a good.........        Image result for Happy Christmas and New Year 2017

Ian W. Mitchell           -           Vauvert, France        -         December 2016