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Saturday, October 07, 2017

When London was a village (2)

Image result for History of London Commons
One of London's 'Commons'

Carrying on with my little series about London, a City but also very much a collection of villages which I enjoyed living in, working in, getting married in, and finally "'leavin'", I just wanted to touch on those places which London has so many of......'The Commons' - rather akin to Public Parks, but immense in size and in every 'village'....
A bit of their history is here:

Green Spaces Wandsworth
and some are used by the well known 
Image result for History of London Commons
London Buses.
Some are criss-crossed by main roads, some have public golf courses, some have tennis courts, both in concrete and in grass....
The special thing about these 'Commons' is their size....They are immense. In pure ground value they must be worth billions of billions of pounds sterling, and yet there is rarely any attack made on their status. It is rather astounding!
Just for the record, there is another, rather different 'Commons' in London, which has nothing to do with green fresh air spaces...This place is also called 'The Commons':
Image result for History of London Commons
London- 'The House of Commons' - Seat of Government!

Our subject is much more air, free space, used by many, many people on a daily basis....Cricket is played, Tennis is played, Soccer is played, bicycling....all kinds of sports, and simply walking - exercise for London's stressed, like me, Citizens!
And they use it.
Yes, some parts of some 'Commons' have bad reputations, that is the nature of things public, but in general a sort of 'code' of written and unwritten rules and laws exist which governs the Green lungs of London. Somehow or other a very small percentage of crime or other unwished for things actually happen on 'The Common'!
The same thing does not apply to the 'other Commons'!

We lived smack between two of London's best known commons, Wandsworth and Clapham.....

Amazing things - these 'commons' with amazing stories to be told - I think probably bigger than the Internet has room for.......!
Clapham Common, London SW11 - and we used it for this as well as many other things!
part of Wandsworth Common, London SW11

I'm not even going to try starting, I'll just suggest that if you ever go to London, pass some time visiting one of these area, they are everywhere, and marvel.......
You could even pass a fleeting thought for me and all the millions of others who have passed by the same spot where you find yourselves!


Ian W. Mitchell, 'Marquis du Galipot'


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Meze - Bassin de Thau......

My wife in Meze......

I first 'hit' Meze in the Hérault, France around 1967.
Together with my wife, we were under way to the Southern France beaches as always in our '2-week-a-month' break! 

Have a look at the link above......

We normally went to a place called the Grau d'Agde, a place I knew from my British Army days, we could always get parking places right next to the beach wall, with a Restaurant around 100 metres away for lunch and evening pleasures, but this time we were looking for somewhere more 'permanent, and we just happened to come through Meze.
 The main road, the N3, I think, takes an almost right angular bend in this small town, always interesting to watch, with the large boats being transported try to get around this obstacle!
We decided to try the Camp Site we passed, at Meze, called 'Beau Rivage' and see what happened. 
We needed a permanent place although only using it for 2 weeks of the month, but we needed it all year round.....possibly, since my wife Kate was gainfully employed in Germany as a permanent Night Nurse which allowed her to take 2 weeks straight nights and then 2 weeks off, plus - of course, her holidays. I was employed - now and then - as a Ski teacher by a local German Ski School, mainly when they had English or French speaking classes.
We had our own small appartement in Bavaria, Southern Germany, linked with my wife's job, very pleasant - overlooking the Hospital park grounds and with the mountains as a drop back.
Obviously my ski occupations were a Winter pastime and not at all regular, so we wanted something different, now and then.
A 'special' price on this Camp Site would be good, depending on use, so in we went.
I had really no idea just what a large role this small town of Meze was to play in our lives.From meeting people who became firm friends and even family for many, many years, and who still are, at least one of them is, I am proud to say.
People like 'Papi ROYO and his wife......their daughter 'Betty' and her husband 'George' .....her daughter Ghislaine, her (at the time) boyfriend, Philippe became these 'French Family' members.
There were, of course many, many others, but none eventually to the same extent as those mentioned above.
Over the years. Me in our little boat from Meze! Early 70's.

Philippe standing behind me at the small gathering for my deceased Wife Kathleen (Kate)  ODELL.
I cannot possibly cover all the stories about Meze...they are too many, but We enjoyed ourselves, and in later life, looked back on the years with pleasure.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

When London was a village........

Many years ago, I lived in London, England.
I went to school there, I went to work there, and later in life I returned to work there again.
Image result for The Old Grammarians, Streatham
Battersea Grammar School
Abbotswood Road , Streatham.
1936 - 1977
The period I'm talking about here, is in the 60's - 70's and London was very much a Village, or more - a collection of Villages held together with a lot of Traditional things for those privileged.
As a Scotsman, I should not have been privileged, but the School I had gone to made me so, and the fact that I was a member of the 'Old Boys Society' (called 'The Old Grammarians') cemented these privileges firmly.
Later, when We left Britain for Europe, nobody in this Association could understand! Germany, France? you can't do that, particularly not those two countries!
We were almost 'struck off'......! On their site, I find no reference at all to myself despite the various positions I had held there.
Anyhow - Cricket and Soccer with Golf were my pastimes, and they took me around the 'London Villages' - Kew was 'Cricket on the Village Green', the Pavillion being seperated from the pitch and outground by the main road, difficult to cross with metal studded cricket boots, with the Church Bell ringing 6pm (it was always a Sunday at Kew!)

Image result for Cricket on the Village Green
Kew - cricket on the Village Green....
Somehow every year I was always batting, at the crease, around 6pm when the Church Clock would boom out its was Tradition!
Absolute 'village' stuff in all its forms, in the middle of the Great City of London.....Other places were the same - just for other pastimes, but always 'villages' - not 'London'!
There were even the local languages, called 'dialects' and some were very dfficult to understand indeed.Image result for London Dialects

Everything was there - local beer (for me - undrinkable) local traditions, customs, habits, even food!
Yes London was a collection of Villages.
Nowadays, from a distance, it seems to have lost a lot of that charm.

Nowadays it's terror, it's business, it's Politics - I guess that if you go and dig deeper you'll find the old London, but I don't have the time nor the ability to do that, so I'll just live from my very pleasant memories.
Mind you, I also have those from Germany, from France, from many other places in Europe, and it would be a great, monstrous error should others, mainly in Politics and Power, do finally get to destroy all of this.
I can't stop them, but maybe YOU can.

Image result for The World


Friday, June 02, 2017

Neighbours who steal

I found this on our thieving neighbour's Facebook page....sent by a 'friend' to her! It's in French.
She has obviously not been telling the truth to them either!
She is a thief, she confessed to the Police....I only spoke to the Police - nobody else until she was charged.
I then did inform other neighbours and friends of the situation.
Imagine that the 'old man' in the story did not make it all up, imagine the 'young man' mentioned was a female, imagine that She confessed to being a thief, imagine that she didn't even turn up to the 1st court hearing....Well, don't imagine it - THAT is exactly the situation, right now.
2nd Court hearing is around the 14th June 2017 - she probably won't turn up then either.....
I've no idea what happens then, but I do know that the Insurance want their money back - from her!
We've been refunded but I have promised to inform the Insurance of further developments, and I am HONEST - I shall do, when I have them!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

New Rules.....

As you are probably aware, after such a long period of looking at my images, reading my words (for which I thank you all profoundly), health and age have not crept up upon me, they have more taken charge of me!
I am a convinced and confirmed European, as most of you are aware, and on this day, when new things are happening in Europe - the change in France of an era, voting in Germany in NRW (Nord-Rhine Westfalen), a New President in France, it seems appropriate, to me, to take stock of my personal affairs - so far as I can, in the hope that the situation elsewhere in this World can be arranged, particularly in the USA where total chaos reigns.
Firstly to arrange my Weblogs - they will be appearing less frequently, to allow me the time to concentrate on my 'Autobiography'.
They may still be simply 'updated'.
So long as the Internet exists, they will be available.

Finally, but most importantly, I must try to arrange the situation with my Companion, Tina Concetta Marzocca, in the case of my departing this World.
I am not a rich man, but for my burial etc., Insurances/Assurances have been arranged, and she is aware of them.
Much more important is the question of language.
I will not be able to help there.
I hope she will be able to find someone of trust and honesty to assist her in this un-envious task.
I love her, and I hope she is able to live the rest of her life in peace, before joining me and my 1st deceased wife, Kathleen (Kate) ODELL-MITCHELL.

Kathleen (Kate) ODELL-MITCHELL

Ian Watson Mitchell       -        30600,Vauvert      -   May 2017.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Hard work getting votes......

The rewards may be great, but you do have to do something to get them in spite of what people think.
Politicians probably work hardest to get the power to cheat us all than at any other point of their stay.
Sometimes - it goes wrong:   Le Pen, Marine-9586 (cropped).jpg

In any case, we will now all have the delights of 2 weeks non-stop TV & Radio coverage, insults on Facebook and Twitter, with the peanut man in Washington lending them all a helping hand.
My personal position is simple......
I haven't got one.......!
In the main, I'm not allowed to vote anywhere and if I could then the only politician halfway qualified correctly and humanely, worldwide, is

Mrs (Frau) ANGELA MERKEL     -    Image result for Frau Angela Merkel 
She is also the only person internationally to have understood that the person masquerading as American President at this moment is gravely ill - mentally.
The look says it all!  Image result for Frau Angela Merkel  and Donald Trump
She does not knee down to him, as Teresa MAY from the UK did, making invitations officially to Britain - meet the Queen and now this ruffian insists on riding in the 'Gold Carriage' - That's not a problem  - everybody who rides in it is violently sick - it has the suspension of a boat - so I wish him heartily the pleasure.
I hope he won't be hurt by the fact that the crowds don't turn out for him, or if they do that they give only boos....!
Image result for Boos for Donald Trump

There are already numerous reasons to impeach this creature indeed even to imprison him, but - of course - that won't happen.

The World is moving - after the start in Holland and now partly in France - it may even be moving a little bit more slowly, but still backwards!

Depression and anxiety can now maybe be reduced.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Chez mr.le Marquis du Galipot.: Nero fiddled Syndrome......

Chez mr.le Marquis du Galipot.: Nero fiddled Syndrome......: not quite fiddling! You all have heard this quote - 'Nero fiddled whilst Rome burned'..... Well, I have a theory which brings i...

Nero fiddled Syndrome......

Image result for Nero fiddled
not quite fiddling!
You all have heard this quote - 'Nero fiddled whilst Rome burned'.....
Well, I have a theory which brings it 'bang up to date'.....
Since last year, when I heard the name/word 'Trump' in the sense of an American Politician, I've been looking for some kind of explication of his phenomenon, and I think I've found it.
Image result for Trump fiddled  In the beginning, over a couple of glasses of Scotch whisky, in the bar of his own personal Scottish golf club, talk got around to Politics, rather like poor people talk about winning the Lotto or the Pools.
What would you do if........?

Mr Trump, a declared Bankrupt on 5 occasions, took his time, and finally said....

'If I became President of The United States of America, I would have a ball of a time, so long as they let me!'

He continued, at length, to say that these 'damned politicians were all WEAK THINGS, with no intelligence.' 

They required a good shake up.......

Time went bye and - finding himself with a spare moment, he said, 'OK - let's do that! Let's 'shake 'em up'....., and maybe even go out with a bang! it went .........First you need a catchy slogan...Image result for trump campaign... got it!

Image result for trump campaign backers
Can we play too?
Then you need backers, financial ones....offset against taxes, of course.....and it doesn't matter where they come from, what country they come from, what Religion, colour, creed, gender or whatever they long as they didn't want paying back!
So what if a couple of Russians sneaked in there, so long as they spoke American English...!
Well, they were all found, and all payed up!
Image result for Happy Donald Trump
everybody loves me
Donald was a happy camper....    

Surely, it was hard work, travelling all over, fully secured, best places, lots of people who wanted to talk to him, eat with him - even payed him to give speeches at functions - and so on....
My - thought Donald - these people LOVE me.....let's enjoy!
Then, one day, he woke up to a call asking him to keep time free for the National TV 'Presidential Debate'....
Actually, he had played with the idea of having an attractive, but qualified female for the job,  as his second -in - command, but things had worked out differently!
Image result for Trump fiddled

  Never mind, thought Donald, my guys will find some stuff about her, and we'll be okey dokey....
And so time went bye....enjoyable being loved by nearly all and sundry, except (of course) those who liked the idea of a Female President, and THAT was going to be his planned second-in-command....Ironic, he thought, but sort of typical for his life. 
Nothing seemed to work out exactly as planned, was fun, and made money!
In any case, he thought, whoever became President would make some records....following up on the first Black President with either the first female gendered 'Presidentresse', or the first TV Star President.
All that counted was to have some fun and make some money....Kick up mayhem and then say 'Adieu, Goodbye....!'
Image result for Donald Trump playing Golf
give me a break....
That would make these Politicians wake up as he had suggested in his golf club bar in Scotland......all those years ago!

Well, Donald thought, even if it doesn't get that far, it's been enjoyable up till now.


Image result for Donald Trump - President ...Image result for Donald Trump - President..Image result for Donald Trump - President

All everybody is waiting for now, is that he - as promised - says 
'Adieu, Goodbye' - 
but up till now - it's fun!

That is the Trump Syndrome......

Image result for The Trump Syndrome
American's - please think about your system.........

March 2017.