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August 2009
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Monday, July 25, 2016

Well - we're almost at the end of the 7th month of 2016, not a happy year to date health wise for me.
Between Hospital (Cardiac ongoing and new stomach ulcer problems) have kept me to my bed - in hospital or at home.
Just the little matter of a stubborn influenza/cold, probably picked up in the hospital (as Tina did too) complicated things.
      I can tell you that 7 months lying on the sofa with occasional outings to the hospital are not the ideal way to pass the time.
It's slow, very slow, but I think I'm slowly getting better. Day daily there are periods where I'm not too good but they are getting fewer.
I must mention the function of Tina Concetta Marzocca, my companion.
She has been fantastic, even through the period she was ill herself.
Even during the period I had no appetite at all (stomach ulcers mainly) she shopped and cooked daily.
I tried to eat what I could but digestion was, still is, rather difficult.
The things I like or love like meat, cheese etc are not really in right now.
I even got as far as trying baby food!See original image  Some was actually quite nice, anything else had to be really overcooked or in purée form.
A nice bloody steak - no way, my liver as I like it, just 10 seconds each side, nope!
Tina also made use of the times I was in hospital to attack the things she wanted to do like heavier curtains to block the late evening sunshine - no good for my Migraine - and lots of things on the walls. It all looks really nice.
Without doubt I could not have managed at all without her, she's also my nurse and pill preparer ( around 14 pills daily over three mealtimes). Even our Doctor was impressed by her prowess!

Without doubt it would not have been possible without her aid.

My Migraine came back (reflected light induced called 'Migraine Aura' ) making it impossible to watch TV or even a PC screen. I listened to my little radio with earphones that Tina had bought for me! The only distraction!

Now I'm slowly on the mend but touching wood daily that we can start going out so Tina can take her photos - get the 'study' sorted out (it's an absolute mess) find all the things we can't find.... live normally for hopefully a good long time!
Right now, with cough, pflegm, runny nose and all, I have to go outside and try to break down all the cardboard boxes to get them in the car and off to the tip...
so I'll say bye-bye for right now.......

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Due to ongoing poor health I am obliged to suspend my Blogging activities.
A bientôt!

All my other blogs are suspended too.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hallucination stories.......or....Hospital Adventures?

 Just 4 years ago, I had the misfortune to be diagnosed as 'ripe for a byepass' then for the 'installation of a defibulater' and had to pass time (a lot of time) on the operating room theatre table!
On each occasion, after the surgical intervention, I suffered what I'm not sure to call......nightmares, hallucinations, delusions or whatever.
I have decided to try and get down onto paper some of these experiences whilst I can recall them. This link goes to an excellent article which talks about it.........
The episodes are divided as followed, roughly:
In hospital......Outside hospital.....'PC bugs'....'war of the ants' .... and others......
In Hospital:

As I recall, after my surgical bypass, I recall hearing a voice - completely normal - saying 'ok mr Mitchell, time to wake up now - it's all over.....' and at that time, I did wake up, but not for long, then I drifted back into that stupor of post-operative drowsiness and sleep.
Whether I was asleep or not, I recall that the first episode was this............... Just hazy figures standing around or wandering about.
I couldn't figure it out!
These images came back frequently over the whole period and although not particularly scary, they were 'disturbing' because of their nature...........
 When they came, I always found myself in a sort of room with the view outside, through a large window, and surrounded by people who seemed to run the whole setup.....
It looked like the Bridge of the Starship Enterprise.....or a painting from Lowry! 

 These scenes came up regularly duing my hallucinations.

From there it went to the story of some kind of 'arab uprising' in Montpellier (where I was) and the Hospital was surrounded nightly by hundreds of police, no security. All I could see was an immense crowd of Arab people who gathered outside the hospital
 agitated and irate - Why, I didn't know with a court scene depicting Western 'unacceptabilities' I couldn't understand why no forces of law and order were present!
From this court we passed to another one, this time one where a couple were being judged for keeping 'pc bugs' at home! These bugs were ill, and the owners spent all their time weeping in court, whilst the bugs slowly died like melting snowflakes till nothing was left.....I almost felt sorry for them!Image result for melting snowflakes
I simply couldn't understand it all!
I seemed to have periods awake, and take note of what was going on around me.
This led to some bad nightmares with Nurses who would attach me to the bed to 'make me stay calm'. Weak heart needed calmness they said, but not their type!Image result for bad nursesInvariably each episode ended by me having to ring the bell and somebody else would come.
2 nurses who worked permanent nights were the worst. When I saw them turn up, I knew - no sleep tonight! The worst was when they decided I needed a 'special' to calm me Image result for multi coloured medicamentsI'd never seen such a medecine....shape - colour.....all wrong - I was sure THIS was my last day/night, but I took it anyway and I woke up the next day as well!
It must be recalled that at the time I was very seriously ill and I need some time now to make a 'total recall'. There were many,many happenings - imagined or otherwise - but I need time to get some details right before continuing this ongoing story.
Until next time.......bye.
Image result for ants at war'Ants at war' was my next nightmare!
I was simply lying on my bed when certain signs started which I recognized as being the start of an 'episode'.....
Sure enough suddenly millions, literally millions, of ants appeared.
On the one side they were led by a sort of 'general'- not an ant -the other side seemed to have no leader, and I figured out that it was me who had to be responsible for 'tactics etc of warfare' for one part of the ants there were hundreds of thousands of ants on both sides, at the beginning which rapidly reduced in number.
As I found out, the 'General' of the other side was actally a whole collection of people and the whole thing was a sort of 'game' rather of a gambling nature, where people spent money to buy more ants, or foot soldiers when needed...After one particularly vicious 'battle' we found ourselves with few 'troops' and a lot of players looking in the window laughing at us!
After a large conference, we found the means to purchase some extremely 'mean' ants and turn the table!
Image result for killer antsThe laughs disappeared!
There were many 'episodes', too many, and effectively I was dead 3 or 4 times.......These things exhaust you but I suppose they prepare you in some way for your 'ultimate journey'.......
Image result for death

Sunday, November 09, 2014

The other side......

 When the Central Committee member had one vodka too many, nobody imagined what far reaching consequences this would have - for the world!
Of course, today, as we celebrate the opening of the Berlin wall, we have a tendency to forget there are still quite a few still 'UNOPENED' -
Mainly religious or political in reason, they are, nonetheless, dividers between peoples.
I spent 2 periods of duty in the West City, one of my jobs being to drive around this wall for 'security' reasons, and this, I assure you, did NOT exist..... There was an enormormous amount of 'grafitti', but outside the central area, mainly wooded, which we had to patrol, there was nothing but trees - overgrown areas and posters warning people they were 'leaving West Berlin Territory'- uninteresting for the Tourists and in fact uninteresting for us too, because even if somebody did get over the wall here, there was nothing we could do to help them. We were not allowed to cross that invisible line. We circulated in our Landrovers and submitted 'reports - that was it! 
On my final visit to the City, as a civilian, I was able to profit from the Western part as a vibrating World Metropole, and loved it!
 modern, historically profound, and world history making 
I worked at Berlin Tegel  which gave me access to the world as whole, although the 'road corridor' was still in place with its blockages and tricks, by air it was fine.......
 and the world entirely was opened to us! Often we stayed in Berlin for holidays, because we had everything and then more 'in place' - From Golf courses to World food (including French baguettes flown in daily.......) Opera houses, theatres cafes and thousands of bars of all types!
Buses - called 'Grosse Gelbes'  trams, trains' 'U-bahn' 'Underground' and even e-cars!
Why should we want to go elsewhere, although now and then we did......!

Saturday, September 06, 2014

don't ASK......!

.....Seriously - DON'T ASK......! This is a 'rogue' thing which either installs itself, or (if you don't watch out) gets installed with other programmes you download, many of them via the Yahoo links. If you don't UNCLICK the option to include it, you're lost! It CAN be uninstalled, but it is long and tiresome to do.....I've just spent all morning trying, and I'm still not sure if it's completely gone! It changes your search engine, installs itself and otherwise bores you! The instructions are complicated and difficult to uninstall it, and never garanteed to work. You can try this, or one of the other ones on Google (videos)....
Good luck!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

making moves......

 If only you could do this, instead of this..... life would be'd know where everything is, and wouldn't spend the next 2 years looking for things which are of no use anyway!
Yes, the joys of moving house.....we are in the middle of it, and so half of our possessions are in the new place, the other half in the old place.....and that in the month of August and at the start of the 2 week long village fête!
It's hot, it's long, it's difficult....!
Furniture has to be bought and delivered and long story of looking, measuring,  then you need a plumber, because the existing water points are no good for fridges that make ice cubes, or machines that wash dishes..... ok - if they only came as quickly as this guy, but it's August - the main holiday month - and he's probably sitting in his car, with his family, wishing he was under OUR sink  or is thinking out NEW transport methods....... in any case, he isn't where he should be!
Electricians are also a little problem......NO HOLES IN THE WALLS, you say, and then he turns up, finally - ......
Logically you get a storm so you can see if there is a hole in the roof or not, then all the new bills start coming in, and you think - Well, it's only once, although why the electric meter has to be changed at great cost, but looks just like the old one I don't know....the removal 'experts' have to be paid and watered.....all good clean fun!
Suddenly 'her indoors' decides new stuff is needed! The study being completely full with empty, half empty and full boxes, it's not usable for much...... ....'her indoors' makes her Calender/plans (something like this) ....
I've given up, and just want to go to bed at a reasonable hour!and - seriously, I'm going to have to give serious consideration to this question..........
When....I ask myself, and you, and 'her indoors' will all this be finished....but then....and I didn't have to do the removals either!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014


Although the whole thing doesn't really concern me too much, being Central Europe based for health, social and pension questions, I think I should say a few words about the situation coming up shortly in Scotland, my country of birth.
Scotland is a rich country which has been exploited for centuries, mainly by the English.
We have smoked salmon, fresh salmon and fishery products in enormous quantities - we have oil - we have whisky - wool and textiles- we have many other products of 'de luxe' and we EXPORT........
 a very important part of every countries economy.
Last night there was a TV debate between 2 candidates, leading ones, and a point was made about the € and the GBPound.
The point was made by the Scottish representative that the GBPound is just as Scottish at the moment as English, something not accepted by the other person!
Personally I think that in the case of Scotland voting for Independance, then the € should be adopted.
Just because the English are stupid enough not to have accepted it doesn't mean the Scots must do the same! No doubt the vote in 42 days will tell us what is going on! 
I won't be going back to vote, and nobody will ask me to vote by post so I guess I'll just watch from afar - Yes, it would arrange things if Scotland had Independance and was a full member of the EU, but you can't always have what you want........